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藝術家 / Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk (Coarse)


德國藝術家 Mark Landwehr 與 Sven Waschk的作品被譽為玩具中的奢飾品,創作以探索衰老、渴望、孤獨和尋找伴侶等人生議題,藉著獨特的視角反映公眾與個人生活的每個面向。

2022 Being Whimsy, Touch Gallery / Hong Kong

2019 Possession Solo exhibition / Chicago

2017 Past / Present Solo exhibition / Seoul

2016 Cold Ways: Nights that Haunt the Past Solo exhibition / Chicago

2014 Voyages Solo exhibition / Tokyo

Prisoners Beside Me Solo exhibition / Chicago

2012 open studio night Hong Kong

souls gone mad Solo exhibition/ Chicago

2011 shadows over paradise Solo exhibition / Taipei

2010 glimpse of truth Solo exhibition / Chicago

2008 noop show Solo exhibition / Chicago

noop show Solo exhibition / Berlin

2003 Plastic Particles Group exhibition / Berlin and Tokyo

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